18 December 2017    DH   XC   gear  

Maribor, Slovenia … May 2010. Mountain bike World Cup weekend on the legendary slopes of Pohorje. Best and fastest riders are in Slovenia, among them for the first time in downhill also the members of Unior Tools Team (team’s debut actually happened in April on 4X race in Houffalize). We are bursting of excitement, not just because of the race and our riders, but also because we came there with fleet of Trek Sessions! How cool was that – our team just starting to learn how to race on the top level of the sport and we we’re already on the best bikes out there. We’re able to ride those monsters thanks to Slovenian distributor Funsports that helped us for so many years, and helped create the partnership that lead to direct sponsorship from Trek Bicycles.

We could write a book about how we progressed and got ever better results, or how Tanja won the World Cup and how Jure took the European DH title or how Ruaridh won Red Bull Hardline or how absolutely amazing last season was… but this one is about bikes!

When we got our first aluminum Sessions we’re blown away. After that the same story every year – the bike was getting better and better, faster and faster. OCLV carbon frame, 27.5 wheels, evolutions in geometry… these are just main features that made this bike one of the best out there. We also get a chance to win with Superfly and be there when Procaliber and new Top Fuel were introduced and evolved. These are crazy fast XC machines!

And there are Ticket, Slash, Remedy and all other great bikes we rode with smiles on our faces.

And most important of all – Trek family! Sandi, Chris, Jon, Ryan, Ryan, Matt, Matt, Maureen, Anna, Scott, Simon, Travis, Vance, Ivo, Tomislav  & others helped us on our way and did things for us that we’ll never forget. Thank you all!

After eight years the time has come to split ways. It’s sad, but also exciting. We had nothing but respect and admiration towards Trek & people there, but we have to start a new chapter, even story. So stay tuned!

Photos by Grega Stopar, Klemen Humar, Keith Valentine, Anže Furlan & others