26 August 2017    WorldCup   Jure   Rudy  

Last race of the UCI MTB World Cup brought new success for the Unior Tools Team and team riders! Race results are great – Rudy was 16th, Jure 26th and Taylor 28th! Taylor was the one that improved the most from qualies and after a good run he also sat on hot seat for a while. Right now it's even more important that they all took the points to secure high overall positions in the series. Jure is 14th, Rudy is 17th overall – which is absolutely fantastic and also secures them protection for the start of 2018 season. Taylor is 30th overall, so three riders in the top-30!
Žiga missed the finals by just couple of places and had to support his teammates from behind the tape.

We can easily say that we witnessed one of the most interesting World Cups in recent years – and we only needed on good shower in Lourdes to mixed things in the top. Our riders didn’t benefit much on that day, but during the year they really launched them selves in the very top, especially Jure and Rudy. Jure finished the series in 14th place overall, which has to be one of the big surprises of the season. Jure Žabjek: “I hit a tree on top of the course, I wanted to see if the bike can handle it… Just kidding, it really is a very hard track, I think this is the hardest track of the series. Coming here I knew that I would have to do well to defend my position in the overall rankings. Some riders were very close behind me, but I also had a chance to beat two guys ahead of me. After that tree I was doing really good, and I’m happy with my result, especially with 14th place overall. It really is an incredible season!”

UTT’s fastest rider on Black Snake track in Val di Sole was Rudy. His week wasn’t the best, but he still got a good result and lots of motivation for Cairns. Rudy Cabirou: “I’m little bit frustrated with the weekend in Italy. I started it a little bit sick, and wasn’t riding on 100%, not even today. I was too much on brakes and maybe too focused on overall results. Now I feel really big satisfaction, this is the first time in my career that I finished in top-20. 16th place is still a good results and just in right time for the World. I’m really hungry to get a good result there, I’ll aim for top-10.”
Jure will also go to Cairns, but doesn’t wish to talk about his goal. He’s never been there before, but he knows that he’s fast and that he can do really good.

Taylor finished in 28th, which give him point to finish the season in 30th place. It was great to see him do a really good run in the finals, especially after traveling back from Crankworx and having some problems in Italy. Taylor Vernon: “I had a rough week, a lot of mechanicals and some good crashes. I managed to pull a save one in to finish off the season. I’m pretty happy with that. I need to get home and get strong for next season. Considering the winter I had last year I’m pretty happy with the season. Best season yet, although it could be a lot better.”

Aaron Gwin won the race and the World Cup.

Rudy and Jure will now go to Cairns for the World Championships, Taylor accepted the invitation for the Red Bull Hardline that will take place later in September.

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Pictures by Klemen Humar and Keith Valentine