24 July 2017    Ziga   Jure   iXSEDC  

Race in Bike park Špičak was very crucial for Jure Žabjek and our team – it was a tipping point and a chance to secure overall title. Weekend was dry and dusty at first, and Jure and Žiga both easily qualified for the Super Finals. But the rain changed everything and the racing on Sunday became more unpredictable. Jure didn’t do his best ever, but fifth place secured him the overall title. He has a lead of 263 points, but one result is deducted and with just one race to go he became the new series champion!
Žiga Pandur was 22nd.

Jure Žabjek: “Track was very dry and dusty on Friday and Saturday. Some sections are very closed and slow, and I didn’t do my best there. I wanted two cleans runs and secure the overall victory. Track was slippery on Sunday, but I still managed to finish the weekend with a decent result. I’ve won the cup and I’m very satisfied with that.”

Žiga Pandur: “My final run didn’t go as planned. Somehow I didn’t put a decent run together, I did a lot of mistakes on the slippery rocks and the result is what it is.”

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Photos by Žiga Koren