18 July 2017    Ziga   Jure   Tanja   Champs  

Two locations, two disciplines and two new titles for the Slovenian riders of the Unior Tools Team!

National champs took place on Črni vrh nad Idrijo, the race also brought points for the Slovenian XC cup SloXCup. As expected Tanja didn’t had a lot of competition, but she used the day to the maximum. Tanja Žakelj: “Wonderfull day is behind me. Racing was a pleasure – the form is right and the atmosphere was great. There was not a lot of competition, so I didn’t felt the right excitement on the start, but I motivated myself with the help of the riders from other categories and I did a great training. I’m happy that I’ll continue to race with the jersey of the national champion.”

Jure didn’t had as easy task, competition in downhill in Slovenia is much stronger. And with everybody enjoying them selves on the great track in Cerkno the times were tight. However Jure didn’t left any room for surprises, he created a gap of three seconds on the two minutes track and defended the title. Žiga was 4th, which makes for another great team result!
Jure Žabjek: “This is my first race on this track. It’s short, but I like it very much. I did a big mistake on the rock garden on my seeding run, but I still had a good time. So I knew I only need a clean run to defend the title. I succeed at it!”
Žiga Pandur: “Organizers surprised with the track, it was excellent – fast and with great flow. My run was good and I’m happy with it.”

Official report with results on Unior DH Cup website >>

Photos by Klemen Humar & Sanja Kurnik