08 July 2017    WorldCup   Jure   Rudy  

Good results for Unior Tools Team were coming one behind the other in the last weeks and months, so it was only natural that the ambitions had grown. But what happened today in Lenzerheide is beyond great! Team riders were already fast on the Friday’s qualifications, especially Rudy with 10th time of the day. Jure was also fast, fast enough to get on the live broadcast on Red Bull TV.

But the track in Lenzerheide is unpredictable and many riders had struggled to find the right rhythm. Time was the only real and valid orientation point and Unior’s riders were on the roll today. Jure Žabjek was third when he crossed the finish line of his final run and we all knew that this will be top result for sure. Riders behind him are faster on the paper, but they had their share of problems or they were just not fast enough and Jure’s day started to get better and better.

One of the riders that beat him was also his teammate Rudy Cabirou – he was defending 10th place from the qualifications and he did that with honors. On the end Rudy was eight, Jure just two places behind him. Two downhill riders in top-10 on the UCI MTB World Cup is a new milestone for the Unior Tools Team – at the same time also a personal best for both! Team was sixth on the team rankings in Lenzerheide!

Rudy Cabirou: “It’s crazy to get this result here in Lenzerheide, I don’t like this downhill course at all. I had better felling with each of the runs, I was faster and faster and I found great settings and good lines.
I attacked with everything I have in my final run. I did one big mistake, but to have a clear run here is almost impossible. I’m happy with my run and really, really happy with my result. I’m stoked to be back in top-10. That was my goal and my dream too. Hopefully I will be on this level in Canada and on the next races.”

Jure Žabjek: “I don't know what to say, I'm speechless. I didn't even imagine that I'll be this good on this course. It's very hard to describe these feelings. I really had a good final run, with one little mistake, but you almost can't go without it. All the problems from the course are now behind us, and the whole weekend was just amazing.
It’s hard to say what is better of different as in the previous seasons. Maybe is just millage, at the same time I’m very relaxed in this great team and that is the right formula.
I just wanted to keep my position in the top-20, so I’ll be in the finals in Mont-Sainte-Anne for sure. I did much more today and I wish I’ll do as well on all the remaining races and I’ll do good in the overall standings.”

Track was faster after the yesterday’s storm, before that organizers even had to broom the track to get rid of the dust. Everybody had better times and the best even got under three minutes. Both Rudy and Jure were racing on a very high level and they are not just knocking on the doors of the very top of the rankings, they are battling for the highest positions. Congratulations also to Greg Minnaar for amazing victory!

Taylor Vernon also improved on his result from the qualifications. He found the right pace in the last minute and set a very decent time in his final run. It was good enough for 34rd place on the end! Žiga Pandur unfortunately didn’t qualify – he missed the finals for just two places.

Both today’s heroes are also doing great in the overall standings – Jure Žabjek is 14th, Rudy Cabirou is 16th! This means both are protected and both finalists in Mont-Sainte-Anne!

Race replay on Red Bull TV
Results on UCI website

Photos by Klemen Humar and Keith Valentine