04 June 2017    WorldCup   Jure  

Fort William didn't disappoint! Track with new forest section (forest carnage!) is harder than ever and around it were thousands and thousands of amazing fans! Organization is spot-on, we don't even have to comment on that.

Official hashtag of the event is #HomeOfTheBrave and among them are also our riders that came to another great team success! Jure Žabjek was 25th, which is his best result in the World Cup so far. With this result he matched 25th place of Žiga Pandur from Hafjell 2013, so they are now both signed under best Slovenian DH result of all times. Žiga was 72nd today; he crashed in the forest section and lost too much time for another great result.
Taylor Vernon was 34rd today, which is a solid result in front of home crowd. Rudy Cabirou was fast for the whole weekend, but didn't had much luck. He's also a “casualty” of the forest section, but despite the crash he managed to take 41st.

Jure Žabjek is the star of the day: “I felt good for the whole weekend, especially on the top, dry and opened section. There was a lot of mud in the middle part and it was hard to find the right line. Today I wanted to have a good line through the forest, the most important was that I stayed on my bicycle. I wasn’t holding back, I still rode fast and with confidence. It went faster on the other sections and I could let it go there. I’m really happy with my result, especially because I got this great result on this venue and in front of all these people. There weren’t a lot of fans on the top of the track in the finals, but it was absolutely crazy from the middle all the way to the end. Atmosphere was unbelievable.
I’ll do my best also next week in Leogang and try to get another top result!”

Rudy Cabirou and Jure Žabjek are now 22nd and 25th overall! Race winners are Tracy Hannah and Greg Minnaar.

Kevin 9th on the 4X Pro Tour race
We also had a 4X Pro Tour race this weekend in Fort William. Kevin Berginc was 9th, which is his best result in this discipline! He made it all the way to the quarterfinals, when he had to settle with third.

We go straight to Leogang in Austria, for the next round of downhill World Cup. Jure Žabjek took one of his best results there – he was 4th fastest junior in 2013 there, and maybe he’ll set another milestone in a week time.

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Photos by Klemen Humar & Keith Valentine